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Postcards from Sulukule |Selim Salim Sayım

Postcards from Sulukule |Selim Salim Sayım



Büyük valide han | Selim Salim Sayım

Büyük valide han | Selim Salim Sayım




kadın pazarı yayın

Uncommon ground / Levent / Ömer Can Bakan / Gözde Aytaç / Youenn Gouarin


Urban Stories | Selim Salim SayımIMG_2764.JPG

Continuities – Ruptures | Esin Gümüş


Uncommon ground/Levent/Ömer Can Bakan


Continuities – Ruptures | Oya Yesim Armagan

Continuities – Ruptures / Fener, Balat, Ayvansaray / Aysima Yavuz



Continuities – Ruptures | Selim Salim Sayım IMG_2598

Uncommon Ground // Nazli Aral, Can Metin, Nagme

Uncommon ground_Kyriakos Zacharakis


open micro-systems / Fındıkzade Str. Market / Esin Gümüş


Uncommon ground / Levent / Aysima Yavuz / Selim Salim Sayım

t.p_levCommon spaces are occupied both physically and intangibly. A motorcycle parked at the pavement, a woman waits for somebody at the corner or the noises around you. 1st Levent Market street has all these kind of inputs. The shops and restaurants has different characters as they affect the limits of the public space. We focus on the occupations and the environmental factors. Cars, motorcycles and people standing on the pavements, also the dense movement flow of people in front of the metro station are the physical factors that affects the occupation amount there. The noises coming from election propaganda truck makes its surroundings an undesirable area as a common space. Another intangible thing is the communication between the shop workers and the citizens, the eye contacts and the callings from workers occupy the space with its own limits on the area.  So the semi-public, private and the public spaces interlace within each other as a result no permanent borders are possible while we are talking about common spaces.

Open Micro-Systems/ Fındıkzade Street Market/Naghmeh Chagheri

Open Micro Systems // Fındıkzade Open Market // Nazlı Aral

open micro systems / Fındıkzade street market / nomadic tactics – general settling up, temporary usages / Can Metin

Street markets in İstanbul are costructed temporarily in many neighbourhoods of İstanbul for 1 day in a week. Besides their socially built spatio-temporalities, the street markets also provide many relationships throughout the daily life. Being nomad not only ensures a dynamic position for street markets, but also keeps its multi-layered communication with urban space. In this work, the nomadic tactics applied in setlling up, usage and assemblage phases and the  processing integrity of these tactics are construed investigating the nomadic structure of street markets architecturally.


Open micro-systems / Fındıkzade Street Market (Bazaar) / Ömer Can Bakan



Open-micro systems-findikzade / Selim Salim Sayım


Central Macro-Systems: Infrastructure / the recent residential projects through the extentions of the 3rd bridge / Anıl Aydınoğlu, Beyza Nergis Özbek, Can Metin


İstanbul is considered as expanding especially through the north. This expansion is obviously seen through the constructions. Within the constructions of the 3rd bridge, its extension roads and 3rd airport, there are also many other residential constructions projected for around these extention roads. These constructions are mostly projected on the northern forests areas, and besides, this way of expansion actually would not indicate an livable city. Eating up the northern forests, the city makes its own way through its dramatic end.

In this work, there are some recent residential projects on the extentions of the 3rd bridge are mapped which are found on a real estate website. [ ] By the way, there are several quotations about the 3rd bridge especially extracted from some political rhetorics, and these quotations are mapped subtly around the 3rd bridge.

open micro-systems / Fındıkzade Str. Market / Gözde Aytaç


Open micro-systems / Fındıkzade Str. Market / Aysima Yavuz


The market is one of the most heterogenous place you could find in a city. Variety of connections (between different goods and different parts of the society ) through communication are very possible in this way. Opennes of the market place as a system is sustained by this feature in some parts. The drawing shows ways of communication and how they are on display in the Fındıkzade Market. The lines represent different elements and their muchness ( the longer the line the greater the effect of the element ). The counter sizes and types mostly affect other elements directly. For instance, larger counters use shows ( doing weird things and other things to take attention of the consumers )  and they shout (use high sound volumes). Also they interact only with limited part of the society because of their product type ( mostly women underwear and clothes ). But smaller counters have products like groceries which appeal to larger part of the society, and they are more close to consumers. The closeness affects the privacy level of the communication. The sellers who do not own counters talk personally with the consumers. Conversations between hamals and between consumers are most private way of communicaton in the market.

Macro-systems | Ecumenopolis | Esin Gümüş

Untitled-2 (2).jpg

central macro-systems | dig&fill | oya yesim armagan, kyriakos zacharakis, nil karacaoglu

Ekran Resmi 2017-03-22 17.03.53234

macro-systems | Ecumenopolis | nil karacaoğlu

A mapping of the documentary about Istanbul.

Ecumenopolis : city without limits.

Ekran Resmi 2017-03-21 21.42.56.png

central macro-systems: infrastructure / Aysima Yavuz / Naghmeh Chaghen / Büşra Erol / Meryem Büşra Yavuz


macro-systems | Oya Yesim Armagan


central macro-systems: infrastructure / Esin Gümüş/Furkan Saltık/Gözde Aytaç/Pelin Arman

central macro-systems: infrastructure / Gözde Aytaç


Harbor as relationships | Tophane | Oya Yesim Armagan

harbor as relationships | tophane | nil karacaoğlu

I tried to explore the relationship between today’s tophane and the historical harbor and I found that although the historical harbor does not exist anymore, we can see the continuity through the use of material like doc 2017-03-15 01.09

Harbor as relationships/Tophane/Esin Gümüş


Harbor as relationships/Tophane/Ömer Can Bakan


The scope of the sketch practice was creating a bond between the old heritage of Tophane district and the new identities of spaces. Harbor was used for many different reasons at the past. There were the remainings and marks of a large district in many architectural and social forms.

harbor as relationships / Karaköy / Gözde Aytaç


Everyday acitivities, flows, movements, schedules / Karaköy / Can Metin

In this work, the movements of people in Karaköy observed in a blurry focus that gives a human flow in a reltively large scale. Having the output as a flow, the attention points of the area are detected and mapped within the schedules. In addition, the secondary consideration for the human flow is the obstructions through the body movements. It is determined as the fences on the edge of the road that define the movements and block people to pass across the road as they want.


Everyday acitivities, Flows, Movements, Schedules / Karaköy / Ömer Can Bakan


İn the area of multiple transportation axis in karaköy, i investigated the potential coffee spots for passengers and other people that use this place.What are the possible flows of coffee in the streets and variable spaces.

Everyday Activities, Flows, Movements Schedules/ Karaköy Sq. vs. Eminönü Sq./Nağme Çağrı


everyday activities, flows, movements, schedules / Karaköy / Esin Gümüş


everyday activities, flows, movements, schedules | karaköy | nil karacaoglu

Karaköy is one of the places that comes to mind when we think about fish. For this reason, I wanted to observe how fishes are circulated in Karaköy and I tried to discover that is this movement affect other activities and people who related with it.scan0003scan0004scan0002

Everyday Activities, Flows, Movements, Shedules | Selim Salim SayımIMG_1939.JPG

everyday activities, flows, movements, schedules / Karaköy / Gözde Aytaç


Shared street_Beyoglu_Kyriakos Zacharakis


Shared Street | Beyoglu | Nil Karacaoğlu

Shared Street | Beyoglu | Nil Karacaoglushared-street-copy


Shared Street // Beyoğlu // Nazlı Aral

nazli10007Sharing  the street with stray animals of İstanbul. Do we really share? I guess for Firuzağa, we don’t. We own them, we love them, we care about them only if they are pretty. I sit around Firuzağa square for 30 mins to observe the stray animals, all i see was owned breed dogs walked by their owners.

Shared Street / Beyoğlu / Furkan Saltık


Shared Street | Beyoğlu | Oya Yesim Armagan


Shared Street / Beyoğlu / Can Metin

The streets of İstanbul are generally dominated by humans. But people are not the only actor of the urban space. Even though the humans have the power, the street is shared. It is shared between humans, non-human animals, and plants. In this work, focus of the observation is a bit above the street level. The seagulls and pidgeons are documented, and their movements through the spatiality of the street. While documenting, the rendering technic of the movement is experimented, within using the text as a mapping element.


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